e-Lybra 9

The Premier Consciousness Technology and Bioresonance Energy Medicine System

The technology behind the products on this website is the e-Lybra 9, the leading consciousness technology device available in the marketplace today.

The e-Lybra is a bioresonance/biofeedback device that can analyse energetic imbalances and restore balance within the bio-field of humans, animals and plants. The basic principle of the e-Lybra is to identify imbalances in the body’s bio-field and deliver the appropriate remedial energetic patterns to help restore balance. It enables the body’s natural tendency toward homeostasis to operate without hindrance or interference from the energetic imbalances.

The e-Lybra has a database of hundreds of thousands of energetic patterns available to draw on and the ability to input your own patterns too. The e-Lybra software includes an automated scan/balance function that identifies issues and works interactively to assess which patterns to deliver and then transmits them to the client. Alternatively, you can use the formula processing facility, which delivers a pre-set sequence of remedial patterns to address a known and specified issue.

The e-Lybra has many other functions as well as its core analysis and balancing function. These include the following.

  • Energetic Intervention – for even deeper energetic change and for advanced consciousness development.
  • Interference Balancing – covering energetic interferences in the physical body, the subtle energy bodies and chakras, psychological factors and limiting beliefs, useful for where the exact cause of an issue is not known.
  • Chakra Balancing – repairs, unblocks and rebalances the chakras and subtle energy systems.
  • Homeopathic Remedy Production – featuring the full range of remedies, a comprehensive potency selector and a remedy sampling/copying facility.
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine – all the meridians and acupuncture points are included, as are Chinese herbs and other remedies, as well as a 24-hour automatic constitutional balancing feature.
  • Dr Hulda Clark Protocol – e-Lybra is the only bioresonance device to include a fully automated implementation of this protocol.
  • NeuroTech – a specialised program dealing with neurodevelopmental and emotional factors that can disrupt or block a child’s development and the unfolding of their potential (although developed primarily for children, this program can be beneficial for clients of all ages).
  • Agricultural and Horticultural Applications – e-Lybra can be used in various ways in these areas, from home vegetable plots and allotments to large-scale agriculture, aquaculture and beekeeping.
  • Practitioner Removed from Circuit – e-Lybra interacts directly with the consciousness of the client, enhancing the integrity and accuracy of the assessment process by working in a closed circuit that isn’t susceptible to the practitioner’s subjective views or influences. And because it operates automatically, hundreds of decisions can be made (and remedies selected and energetically delivered) non-linearly in a matter of minutes. This relieves the practitioner of the need to pay sustained attention to a client and investigate them manually in a linear and potentially time-consuming and energy-draining way.
  • Fully Automated Sessions – an e-Lybra session can be set to run automatically, for one client or multiple clients, freeing up the practitioner to carry out other tasks while a client is enjoying their session. Practitioners can even earn money doing other work while e-Lybra is earning money by working on the client.
  • e-Pendants and e-Pebbles – small bioresonance pattern storage devices that can be programmed using e-Lybra (either in the device or remotely) and worn or carried by the client to provide ongoing support and benefit after their session.

What sets e-Lybra apart from other (often more expensive) bioresonance and energy medicine devices is its unique ability to interface with the consciousness of the client at a deep level in order to effect change. Another unique feature of e-Lybra is that it can operate remotely as well as when the client is physically connected, so it can be run for clients anywhere in the world any time of the day or night, eliminating the need to have clinical premises. Furthermore, e-Lybra is programmable by the practitioner to the extent that no other system is, so the potential for how you use e-Lybra is limited only by your imagination.

e-Lybra is part of the emerging and fascinating field of Consciousness Technology and features a specialised and unique set of programs within the system to assist with spiritual growth and raising consciousness. There is an excellent explanatory video featuring the developer of the system, Victor Sims, available here.

Unlike many systems, where the price is only available ‘on application’ (i.e. as much as they can get you to pay), the e-Lybra pricing is simple and transparent. The system costs £9,500 (plus UK VAT if applicable), which includes a three-year warranty, three years of software updates, two days’ basic training (delivered online through Skype), ongoing support from your personal trainer and access to online practitioner resources, training videos, a private Facebook group and residential courses for further practitioner development. The system comes with all the accessories you need (other than a computer). Current UK tax law allows the cost of e-Lybra to be deducted as a capital allowance if purchased as a business asset. The cost may be similarly tax deductible under your local tax laws (please verify this for yourself if it is an important factor for you). If you are UK VAT registered you can also recover the VAT element.

Understandably, cost is a major factor for all of us and the e-Lybra is obviously a significant investment. However, e-Lybra costs much less than some other bioresonance/biofeedback systems and considering the greater range of functions available in e-Lybra, including its unique abilities described above, it represents an even better investment than some of the other, less feature-rich, systems. Experiencing the power of the e-Lybra for oneself is usually enough to convince a person of its value as a therapeutic tool and I’ll be happy to arrange a demonstration for you.

Many e-Lybra practitioners already have a background in healing, homeopathy, radionics, energy medicine, spirituality or similar disciplines and some are also medical doctors. Whatever your background, the e-Lybra can enhance your complementary therapy practice or become an invaluable tool for personal energy balancing for yourself and your family. The business possibilities of e-Lybra can be discussed before you decide to buy.

I am an authorised reseller of e-Lybra systems and related products and an authorised trainer. I provide demonstrations online via Skype so wherever you’re located I can show you the many features of e-Lybra. Please contact me if you have any questions or if you’d like to arrange a demonstration. Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you.

Sean Redmond
Sean Redmond
Authorised e-Lybra Reseller
Authorised e-Lybra Products Reseller
Authorised e-Lybra Trainer